Monday, April 29, 2019

ME or Taylor & Joe??

Taylor Swift 

December 13, 1989

Five of Clubs, Seven of Diamonds 

Joe Alwyn 

February 21, 1991

Four of Diamonds, Eight of Diamonds 

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are Hollywood’s newest hot couple. They are a couple that has a lot of depth to their relationship according to the Destiny Cards. Taylor is a person who is adventurous and loves to travel. She also has a secret side to her which means she could be unfaithful at some point. Money comes easy to her because she is the millionaire card ( 7 of diamonds) and she relies on being spiritual. Taylor is a little bit strange and can be very stubborn at times. On the other hand, Joe is successful and very smart about his decisions when it comes to financial issues. Four of diamonds is a person who is well balanced with their money. Their match is strong because it is a past life Venus match! They are also karma cousins, meaning that they have issues to work through from a past life. Although, Joe is Saturn to her and will start to irritate Taylor to no-end. But from Joe’s point of view, he has an idealistic match with her because of the past life Venus and she is also Venus to him. 
Their second cards also have a unique match because she is the moon to Joe and he is the planet, meaning he will want to protect and direct her. If Taylor chooses not to accept this, it could cause some tension between their relationship. This year some changes will be arising such as an unexpected pregnancy card, although she did just adopt a kitten which could be in place of a real birth pregnancy. Joe has a father card next to marriage as well so we will have to wait to see what happens in that aspect around his 29th birthday. Taylor also has negative energy around her health, along with Joe, and a secret card meaning she could be eyeing another guy or have temptations to follow through with cheating. She also has heavy marriage cards around her 30th year. Looking from Joe’s perspective, he is her long-range card for life. Meaning they are both crazy about each other. They will have a very strong relationship because of the placement of the long-range card for life!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Demi Lovato
August 20,1992
Six Clubs, Six Clubs

Wilmer Valderrama
January 30, 1980
Ten Clubs, Ten Spades

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama were a hot couple for a long six years, having fallen in love at first sight. Although, Demi was only 17 at the time, she waited patiently to turn 18 until having relations with Wilmer. Demi’s birthday is August 20, 1992 and she is the 6 of clubs. On the other hand, Wilmer was born on January 30, 1980 and is the 10 of clubs. They have a Mars and Venus match. This is a hot and steamy match, but also filled with love. They love each other at a higher level of loves and past lives together. Recently, Demi admitted to the world on her documentary that she still has feelings for Wilmer and always will. Demi has not dated many people and decided to break up with Wilmer to see what it would be like to finally be alone. She is the type of person who has a strong intuition and knows what is best for her. She also likes to tell it how it is. Wilmer has had a bit more experience in the dating world, but is more free flowing in love. He is also very intelligent and likes to learn. But, he is a hard worker and tends to get bored easily. They may struggle with work, because he has a hard time separating his love life and work life. She was seen with him not too long ago on her birthday, so let’s see what is in store for them!
A new year is right around the bend and new cards are beginning for them at their birthdays. Demi seems to have Wilmer as her long-range card for her 26th year and a pregnancy around Wilmer near her birthday. Hopefully they will have a child together and it seems pretty likely. Although, at his birthday there are also pregnancy cards and they will get back together. Wilmer has a lot of travel cards near his birthday and seems he will be seeing a lot more of Demi. But a true tale tell sign is that he is her result card for life which is a very good sign. A result card is someone who that person tends to end up with for life.
Overall, I see this two getting back together. They have strong cards around pregnancy and renewing the relationship. The heart wants what the heart wants and Demi knows that. They may be backlashed by the media, but with a baby on the way this soon to be couple will have nothing but joy.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trumps' cabinet members, associates and their prognosis!!


Mike Pence-
Birthday June 7, 1959
Cards the Ten Of Diamonds, Eight of Spades

Pence is 57 years old currently.  He specifically has letting go of Donald Trump at the end of his 58th year.  Wonder what that means! Mike also has the thief card in saturn in his 58th year. Saturn is the worst planet under to have this card. Although, for Mike specifically that is between 1/2 and 2/23 of 2018.

Scott Pruitt-
Birthday May 9, 1968
Cards Ten of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts

Pruitt is 48 years of age currently. Scott has so many thief cards in his year. He has very negative energy around thievery at his birthday.  His whole 49th year involves the issue of thievery really. He has Jack of spades as his result card and at
49. Nonetheless, his long range card and environment card is the jack of spades.

Steve Bannon-
Birthday November 27, 1953
Cards Six of Hearts, Eight of Clubs

Steve is 63 years old currently. 
Steve has Donald as his Venus card this year. That is why they have such a close connection. He does have Ace of Spades as his Pluto card, which means there is a secret around him in a negative position. He does have a job change at his birthday around secrets he is keeping quiet. At the end of his 64th year his result card is the thief card.

Betsy De Vos-
Birthday January 8, 1958
Cards Six of spades, Three of hearts.

Betsy is 59 years old currently. 
Betsy has the thief card as her environment card. The environment card is a card that surrounds you for the whole year. You would carry that energy everywhere you go.

Rex Tillerson-
Birthday March 23, 1952
Cards King of Clubs, Four of Diamonds

Rex is 64 years old currently. 

Donald Trump is his long range card at 65. He has a thief card in Venus ( 5/14-7/5 2017) next to Pence's card.

Rick Perry-
Birthday March 4, 1950
Cards Six of Spades, Queen of Cubs

Rick is 66 years old currently. 

Rick has a very strong Jail card at 67 between 9/28 and 11/19.

Paul Ryan
Birthday January 29, 1970
Cards Jack of Clubs, Four of Hearts

Paul is 47 years old currently. 
Paul has the Thief card in Saturn sitting next to a jail card. It is not looking good for Paul at all. His Saturn is between 8/25 and 10/16.
      No matter what party you are affiliated with the amount of thief cards I see here is insurmountable! This cannot be a coincidence.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Putin and Trump Similarities?

Surprisingly they are quite similar.....Putin and Trump are only one card difference off.

Vladimir Putin
October 7th, 1952
Age 64 at time this was written
Two of Diamonds
Eight of Clubs

Donald Trump
June 14, 1946
Age 70 at time this was written
Three of diamonds
Ace of Spades

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have a Moon match, meaning they have very close bond. These two feel comfortable with each other, because Trump is the planet and Putin is the Moon. What exactly does that mean? Well this basically states that the planet directs the Moon and we know that without a moon, no planet can exist. Moreover, the moon controls the tides, moods and so much more. 
Because of their tight knit match, Putin will be very interested in what Trump has to say. He will follow Trump's advice without a doubt. Both Men are also very money motivated. They like to negotiate towards their favor, so that they get what they want without a penalty. Nonetheless, they are both excellent wheelers and dealers.

Trump's second card is a secret life and he doesn't mind doing things secretly without any guilt. (Ace of Spades)

Putins second card (Eight of Clubs) is a very fixed card who is unbending. Many people are afraid of eight of clubs, because they are excellent managers and often go into law enforcement. Their stubbornness though can bring them to their own demise.

What is interesting is both Putin and Trump both have nine of hearts as their long range card for their year. HELLO! That is Hillary's card!!! Both of them are very focused on Hillary.  Hillary is the nine of hearts, which is loss of a love so both of them will experience love losses as well. The alarming energy that I see in both of their life paths is a THIEF energy next to each others cards. Putin has the thief card next to Donald's card in his Jupiter. That means in some way what he is taking from Donald will benefit him. Following that, Donald has the thief card next to Putin in his Mercury.  This time known as Mercury, means short lived. 
Putin and thievery energy is also around Donald even in his 71st year.  Something is definitely going on there.

Putin has quite a few cheat cards around him and endings of relationships related to his cheating ways.  That will flare up in May and June. 

Melania also has cheat card energy in the beginning months of 
2017. She has a lonely heart near the cheat cards. 

There would be karma between Putin and Melania. Donald may be involved with Putin to deal with some Karma related to Melania and a past life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You have been waiting... .The down and dirty on presidential candidates:)

Donald Trump

70 Years Old

Three Diamonds
Ace of Spades

Donald Trump, the most controversial man on the market is without a doubt creative with his money. The three of diamonds is someone who can turn anything into something. Nonetheless, he has a way of receiving free publicity without laying out a dime. Some of my friends that I associate with who are three of diamonds don't mind using expired coupons to get a deal. They even go as far as stealing free drinks at fast food restaurants with their water cup. If you lean towards the money side.. Donald might be your man.

Although, Donald's second card is the ace of spades. The ace of spades is a very hard worker, like any another other spade card. Specifically the ace of spades means a secret life, mysteries and transformations. The three of diamonds, and ace of spades are quite unfaithful when it comes to relationships. This is not someone you can trust. The positive side of the ace of spades is they like to care for people in life and death situations. Another famous person who was this card as well was Princess Diana's. She felt good about helping people with HIV/Aids and many other humanitarian causes, but she was still a cheater.

So the question we are all asking is what does Donald's 70th year hold as far as the election and other things? Donald's card for the year is the nine of hearts. Nine of hearts means loss of a love and it is also Hillary's card. He seems very fixated on Hillary. This is definitely related to the card he has currently. He will also have a significant loss in his life this year. It could be related to the presidency, a relationship and other possible options. It is not a year to expect for much good to happen for him. As we know, Donald chose Pence for his running mate. Pence is a 10 of diamonds, as well as a eight of spades. This means Pence is a very hard working guy, he is also a spade like Donald. I do not see much of Pence in Donald's card this year, which is a bad sign that they will not get along or work together. The have an extremely distant match.

Donald's wife Melania was born on April 26th, 1970. She is 46 years old currently. Her card is an Eight of clubs, and four of spades. Eight of clubs are very powerful people usually in law enforcement or legal fields. This can be intimidating. On the other hand, Melania's second card is a person who offers security to others. Donald has Melania in a good position this year. She is his rock and their marriage will become stronger during the campaign. She also has loss of a job so it doesn't look like first lady will be her new title.  Melania does have Ivanka in a difficult position this year, so I am sure there will be some tension between them. She is jealous of Donald's relationship with Ivanka. Ivanka is the same card as Hillary, so Hillary's energy and Ivanka will be around strongly this year in Donald's life. But, Ivanka has some unfaithful energy around her marriage for the next two years.

Donald has some very strong death cards before his 71st birthday. Hopefully, him and his loved ones will be safe.

Hillary Clinton
Birthday-10/26 1947

Nine of hearts
Queen of spades
King of Clubs

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio, because of that, she has many cards and facets. Hillary's first card is the nine of hearts. The nine of hearts is the giver of love. Hillary is a person who has had a lot of losses in her life. I am sure Hillary had many sad moments in her life especially around her childhood, or a parent who abandoned her. It could be another difficult loss as well. Her life has not been all good for her.
Actually, most presidents are nines. They are people who are in their last life, and subconsciously they know this is their last life and feel the need to live in the moment. Nine people have a desperate need to connect to people on some kid of mission. It could be in the form of health care or kids future, because this is an issue they must settle before they pass themselves.

Hillary's second card is the queen of spades. Spades are hard workers. Queen of spades are big on mastering themselves and because of that some of them are driven for others to be the best they can be so they also can experience self mastery.

Lastly Hilary's third card is the Kind of Clubs, the master of intuition. Hillary has very positive gut feelings about things and uses her gut to guide her for a lot of things. King of clubs are excellent managers and they are very comfortable having their own kingdom. This card has a lot of knowledge stored up and are a wealth of information and people come to them with questions and advice.

Hillarys 68th year is filled with energy of a new grandchild. Hillary has marriage and a partnership right at her birthday and the partnership all year long at 69. She will be partnering with Bill as president. So therefore she won't be doing it alone. She and Bill have a moon match and he is the planet. With all jokes aside Bill will calls the shots in this marriage. This is because he is the planet not Hillary. She is his support system and his moon, therefore they have a good match.

Regarding the Benghazi incident in 2012 Hillary was 65. At that time she has some very benign cards. Nothing was there regarding thievery or lying. She actually had a satisfaction card in Neptune ( when this occurred) which means at a distance, and things were supposedly good in her mind.

Hillary is a fixed card so she can be very fixed. She will be persistent and relentless and it can be annoying but certainly can be a positive also!

The election is coming up soon, so put in the votes and lets see who hits the jackpot!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why Did Sami Cheat On Hot Zac Efron?

  Zac Efron-October 18, 1987 -Age 28 when written

Sami Miro'-October 1, 1987-Age 28 when written

  Sami has a smile that could brighten up anyone’s day; this is because she is the eight of diamonds. She is also known as the sun card. Nonetheless, her second card is the three of hearts, which is not a good card to have. This card is typically someone who is a cheater. Due to the fact she is this card, she cannot be with just one man. It seems like no one in this world would cheat on the sexy and heart-wrenching Zac Efron. But Sami managed to do it.

Zac was born on 10/18 is the 4 of clubs. This card tends to be very organized and likes to have things planed. Zac’s second card is the jack of spades (the actor card, and the thief card). Zac started off playing for small movies and then got his big hit on High School Musical. He loves to act and show his emotion for each character he plays. Individuals with this card in their life path can be very dishonest, or people can take advantage of them. 

Lets explore further... Zac's feeling toward Sami is mostly about sex. He had a triple Mars match with Sami and it was all about that fiery chemistry. I mean lets get real; they both have stunning bodies and are both model status. But because there is also a mutual Venus match, he would love her in a romantic way and just not only about sex. The match they shared was very intense and certainly argumentative. Because of the nature of their personalities, there would also be some competition between them.

Sami's overall feelings toward Zac are a bit different. This is mainly because she has Mars as her prominent match. This equates to sex, sex, sex. He would push her away and create distance as their second match; this could be because he is working on his movie Baywatch in GA while she still resides in LA. Therefore, they could not spend as much time together to make a decent relationship work. But, he would irritate her more than she irritates him. By both of them being famous, money is not second nature to them. Zac is also Jupiter to Sami, so she is drawn to his money. 

Overall their match is very volatile. 

Sami did have the cheat card in Venus around the holiday season when she was 27.  From my predictions, she has been cheating since then. Sami has the health card next to this, which means she could have contracted something while cheating. Although, she had a definite ending with Zac as far back as he 28th birthday, so it has been over for awhile.

What will the future hold for the two of them? I don't see them getting back together.

Zac's future looks a little rocky .He has the health card in Venus so he may have caught something from Sami. Sami cheated on him while at Cochella, rumors source. So maybe Zac caught something and then realized she was cheating or just heard from mutual friends. But the future is bright for Zac. He has a move this year or travel around financial security. But many ask, when will Zac get married "ladies" and have kids? No one wants him to be off the market! I mean look at him! Sorry ladies, he does have a possible father card around his birthday at 29. That would mean a pregnancy around him! 

Apparently Sami was cheating with DJ Alex Andre'. His birthday is 10/17/1991. One day off from Zac's but just one day can make a world of a difference. 10/17 is the five of clubs and ace of spades. This birthday is one of the biggest cheater birthdays of the year. She has been seeing him since the end of her 26th year. This cheating has been going on a while! The rumors about Cochella may not be true!

Zac will have a love affair sometime soon, and meet the one he wants to be with by 30 and marriage at 32. It does look like he will become a father first. I am seeing 2 boys for Zac. He does have a death around him at 29 and he will receive an inheritance. Not like he needs the money anyway, but it will be hard on him. Zac also has an accident around him at 30 and needs to be careful traveling or any kind of movement or move. we wish all the luck for Zac!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron?

Charlize Theron

August 7th 1976
Six of Diamonds

Sean Penn
August 17th 1960
Nine of clubs 

Why did Sean Penn and Charlize even hook up? They seem so mismatched. Sean is a fabulous actor and sexy. He looks rough around the edges, and she is absolutely gorgeous!
 Karma, baby Karma, a strong magnetic force that makes no sense to outsiders. 

Charlize would owe Sean something from another life. Recently he has  accumulated a lot of Karma points so a beautiful women like Charlize shows up. He cannot believe it. He is pinching himself. Sean is a sexy man who women find compelling, but he definitely has some kind of addiction. Charlize gets tired of it. She also presented herself to him to change him. 

Sean is in his last life and plans to live it up in this life whatever it takes. Charlize cannot relate to that and she is more concerned about health and philosophies of life. She likes quotes and daily inspiration of some sort. 

Rumors are swirling about their breakup. Is it true or will the marriage plans uphold? I see no plans of them getting back in the near future. Charlize just got tired of her wanting to change him. She feels angry because she gave him so much and he is still partying, smoking and living it up.

Charlize will get married at 41 but to someone else. Their relationship started in Saturn  two years ago with a breakup card next to it. It was defeated before it started.